How Explainer Video will help you Grow Your Business

How Explainer videos will help you in growing your Business

We all are aware of a fact that people who are eagerly finding goods are only interested in getting solutions to their problems. Many companies are hitting the jackpot by constructively providing solutions to such problems. That is why internet is bestowing solutions to the people by providing clients and companies a platform. Under such circumstances, the best to explain everything related with product and services are explainer videos.

Why Explainer Videos are Important for Your Business?

Explainer videos consist of moving text, graphics, animation, different kinds of images, and companies can add more as per their requirement. Explainer videos are crucial for business because of these reasons.

Brand Awareness:
The explainer video will create brand awareness as explainer videos are conveying to the point message. Companies can customized explainer videos as per their requirements.

Online Presence:
Explainer videos will be immensely helpful in keeping online presence of the brands in front of their target audience.
Delivering Company’s Message:
Explainer videos helps in building company’s reputation of brands and are helpful in delivering company’s message.

Helps in Social Media Engagement:
Explainer videos are great in grabbing attention of larger audiences, and it is extremely useful in explaining, and making concepts easier, and on the other hand, fruitful in keeping a relationship with clients. Explainer videos also helps in spreading wings of your promotional channels too.

How An Explainer Video Can Save Your Business?

How Explainer videos will help you in growing your Business

Explainer videos can be customized too, and using explainer video is will be beneficial in educating targeted customers without making it hectic for them to read a lot of text. There are so many reasons why you should present content visually for promoting your business, and there are some of them elaborated:

1. Visual Presentation:
It will work wonders, if your explainer video will be visually fancy, it will attract a lot of customers which will be again very beneficial for business. According to one research, explainer videos are more than 40 percent useful as a marketing tool.

2. Retain viewer attention
 It is a fact that human beings learn more 50 percent more information, is they are learning it through visuals, and explainer videos are great blend of such visuals.

3. Selections
One should give an opportunity to viewers for reaching you. It is so obvious, if viewers will be given a choice then they will make a decision as per their choice, and these days mostly people are giving preference to visual channel rather than other options.  We can never ignore one thing, and that is most of us are visual learners.

4. Videos have the highest ROI
Video works extremely well when it comes to maintaining the highest ROI. Investing in videos will be very helpful for your campaigns, and the cherry on top of the cake is very reasonable too.

5. Conversion Rate
 Explainer videos will be very helpful in pitching your product well, and, if you will pitch your product well then there are 70 percent chances of conversion.

6. Stretch the Duration
  Average time spend on social media or  by consumers is not more than 10 or 20 seconds. So, it is a rule of thumb to pitch your product by cutting mustard in the first 20 till 30 seconds.

But, if you are willing to have an explainer video for your social media, then either you can customized your explainer video as per your wish or it will work great, if you will stretch it.

7. Building Contact:
 Explainer Videos are incredibly helpful in maintaining contacts with your customers as compare with other options.

8. SEO friendly
We know something that Google engine is a big fan of video content. Google measure the time that is spent on every video or website that is being visited.

Explainer videos are blessing because ,if you will embedded them to your social media or website then they will eventually increase the total duration of viewers on your website., and this will be very constructive for you as search engines will sent a positive message.
It will be very constructive as it will help in letting your content appear higher in searches, and on Google ranking too.

So, hurry up jump on the bandwagon, and hit the jackpot with explainer videos.

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