Motion Graphics

What are motion graphics?

Motion graphics give movement and animation to graphic design that is still and lifeless. Generally, they do not follow a specific subject matter or narrative. Motion graphics combine video with custom animation, such as illustrations to produce motion based content. It not only effectively delivers your message but does it with a fascinating visual flair. Be it public policy or business, custom motion graphics bring life, color and fun to your content. For example, they can; make the bars in your bar graph rise higher or drop lower or make your logo jump up and down or swirl around.

With the ubiquity of social media, the video has become one of the most powerful forms of communication in today’s modern world. Making use of this lucrative opportunity, brands and businesses have incorporated videos into their marketing and advertising strategies, particularly for digital media. Specially with social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, You Tube and Tik Tok, to name a few, there is a greater need to create eye-catching content that is short, to the point but also comprehensive. Therefore, motion graphics companies that provide services like stop motion videos, stop motion animation, custom motion graphics, business motion graphics and aftereffects motion graphs are sought after.

What is the difference between animation and motion graphics?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions by those who are familiarizing themselves with this field. Animation is basically an umbrella term that includes all techniques, of which motion graphics is one. Basically, any technique that is designed to make static objects, images or other compositions move falls under animation. What makes motion graphics unique and different from other animation techniques is that it usually deals with setting abstract objects, text and other graphic design elements into motion.  Bringing an infographic to life, for example, is indeed animation, but more precisely, it is called motion graphics. Hence, motion graphics generally do not have much to do with getting a point or message across through story-telling.



What are the uses of custom motion graphics?

·         To explain difficult and complex ideas using still images or objects accurately and in a simplified manner so that audience is able to fully understand them.

·         To explain how high tech big data or cloud technology operates. Because of the massive scale they function at, they are highly complex and technical. With custom motion graphics they are divided and compartmentalized into bits and pieces of information that is easy to grasp.

·         To emphasize and highlight facts and figures through illustrations. This is very helpful in making a point or presenting a hypothesis.

·         To break down complex services or products and present them in a way that is not only impressive but also memorable.

What are the benefits of using custom motion graphics?

·         Stop motion animation can help you upscale your business, expand your clientele and maximize profits, all through making engaging content for advertising and marketing.

·         Custom motion graphics can promote a comprehensive and enhanced brand image to appeal to digital audiences. This can be achieved by focusing on brand personality and features.

·         Stop motion animation is particularly great for creating engaging and entertaining content which can increase customer response in the form of likes, shares, comments and other feedback.

·         Motion graphics companies incorporate enticing elements, such as music for an impactful audio, a well written copy for the text and dramatic compositions for the visuals. These can turn an otherwise boring and bland message into an evocative and vivid commercial.

·         Statistical data can be made interesting through motion graphics to make boring meetings and discussions more fun and interactive.

·         Pages and pages of extensive theories and exhaustive explanations can be illustrated into much shorter and brighter visuals by using the services of a motion graphics company. Long hours are thereby converted into mere minutes, saving time and energy.

·         With a limited budget you can get your business, brand, service, idea or theory noticed using motion graphics. They can be used in presentations, websites and media campaigns.

 What is the development process employed by a motion graphic company?


The script sets the foundation of the entire project. It focuses on composing a text for the visuals that will be crafted in a later stage. Monologues, dialogues, voice overs and even expressions that involve sound like sighs and cries are all dealt with here. All of this is done keeping in mind the brand image and the target audience of the content. Therefore, knowing the demographics and lifestyle of your target audience is extremely significant.


This is where a rough sketch of graphics is planned, developed and drawn. All components, including audio, lights, camera, animations, voice overs and graphics are taken into consideration.


The actual designing of the visuals; objects, backgrounds, characters and images starts here.


All the compositions are combined together to form a moving picture, called the video.

Sound Design

After completing the animation and double checking it for errors, the audio is recorded. The pace, tonality and pitch are all carefully decided to ensure that the video and the audio are in sync.


Once all the work is complete the project is rendered and shared with the client.

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