Whiteboard Animation Services

What Is Whiteboard Animation?


Whiteboard animation is a type of animation video whereby the message or content is hand-drawn on a whiteboard. Just like a hand using a marker to explain something on a school whiteboard.

How does Whiteboard Video Work?


Often times whiteboard animation videos are used to elaborate concepts or ideas that are a little complicated and hence difficult to understand. For this reason, whiteboard animation services are commonly sought by brands and organizations for explainer videos. Usually, the video begins with basic steps and moves on to complex ones. To make it simpler to grasp, graphics or visuals are also drawn alongside written copy. Moreover, flowcharts are another tool frequently utilized for whiteboard animation services.

Where and when are whiteboard animationservices useful?

Custom whiteboard animation videos can serve several purposes.

    • To introduce and explain topics to students in educational settings. Boring and tricky lessons can be turned into simpler and more fun ones through whiteboard animation.

To describe in detail services and products. Banking services, for example, can make use of them to attract potential customers in a smart manner.

  • To present a large amount of information in an organized and sequential way to the audience without making them feel overwhelmed and confused.
  • To market and advertise products and services in a simple and straightforward yet striking manner. This helps retain a brand image in the mind of the consumers.

A whiteboard animation company can make custom whiteboard animation videos based on your requirements or needs. So whether you are an educator, a student, salesperson, marketer or manage the human resources department, a whiteboard animation company can help you reach you maximize your profits, and reach your full potential.

What Are The Primary Elements of a Whiteboard Animation Video?

There are a number of factors that make a comprehensive and impactful whiteboard animation video. Some of them include:

The Drawing Hand

A hand with a pen or marker in hand brings in a focal point in the video. This makes it easier for the viewers’ eyes to follow the drawing and simultaneously keep taking it in. Furthermore, it adds a sense of fluidity which makes all the movement in the video smooth and flowy.

The White Background

Just as the name suggests, the white background is a core component of a whiteboard animation video. Without it, the video will not be identified as whiteboard animation.

The Order Of Information

It is very important that the content of the video is not hay-wired. What should come first should not be presented later and vice versa. Revealing the information in a structured and sequenced method is crucial for it to be effective. This aids the audience in building connections between the bits and pieces of information delivered to them.

The Script

Since a substantial part of the video is based on written data, it is highly recommended that the writer knows uses the right kind of tonality and language for different kinds of content.

The Audio And Visual

If the content is composed well but not delivered well, you might miss the whole point. Thus, depending on the nature of the video, whether it is comical, information, or educational, the right choice of sounds and voiceover is essential.

How can a custom Whiteboard Animation Benefit Your Business or Organization?

The benefits of custom whiteboard animation are endless. Some of them include:

  • Flexibility: Whiteboard animation can pretty much be used for any topic or genre. Since it utilizes a very simple approach to delivering content, it has a wide range of uses.
  • Effective: Research suggests that around 15% more information is retained in the minds of the target audience from a whiteboard animation than from a talking head video. The more information the viewer remembers, the better it is for your brand or organization.
  • Straight forward: Another reason why they are so memorable is that they consist of a minimal number of colors and other compositions. Everything is presented on a white background in an organized way which makes it uncluttered.
  • Cost-effective: Unlike other types of animations, whiteboard animations are much simpler with respect to their design. They do not involve a plethora of compositions that need multiple hours to be put together.
  • Shareable: Adding a whiteboard animation to your marketing collateral or webpage not only provides information in a summary for the viewer but also gives another easily shareable option for other platforms.

Why Choose Videovity For Whiteboard Animation Services?


By now you must have decided whether you need to hire a whiteboard animation company for your brand or organization. What you need to decide now is the whiteboard animation company to go for. At Videovity we have a team of highly skilled and experienced animators who are dedicated to producing the best whiteboard animation videos. We are equipped with state of art technology, ready to provide a wide range of animation services. We value your input, listen to your concerns, and give in our best efforts to make sure that you are satisfied with the end product. To achieve that goal, we first analyze the needs or requirements of your company and then figure out what would best suit it. We consider your budget and accommodate you to our best abilities. You can rest assured, that our expertise and experience will not disappoint you.

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