Typography Animation Services

What is Typography?

Typography design is everywhere. Look around and you will notice in your surroundings, a number of fonts, text written in different styles, and alphabets with various weights and heights. Be it the price tag of your new t-shirt or the name of the newspaper written on top of the page, our routine lives are filled with examples of typography. By definition, typography design is the art of assembling a message in a readable and aesthetically-pleasing composition.

From a wide range of typefaces, a designer selects one or a few that complement his/her design. Besides that, the designer has to make a number of other decisions, such as the point size, arranging the spaces between letters and lines i.e. leading and kerning. In addition to that, the designer has to make decisions regarding other typographic design elements relating to the layout of the design, such as the visual hierarchy, contrast, grid, and white space. Thanks to the advances in technology, the modern world has developed several techniques and tools, such as software like Adobe Illustrator that allow designers to play with multiple options whilst making typography animation.

What is Kinetic Typography?

Kinetic Typography services deal with a type of animation technique that uses moving
text to capture attention, set a tone, and entertain the target audience. It combines motion and text to deliver a message or an idea in an exciting and engaging manner. In today’s contemporary world, kinetic typography services are hired by commercials, music videos, mobile apps, and websites to make them more appealing and fun. Kinetic typography services can be used for:

  •     Music videos
  •     YouTube videos
  •     Educational videos
  •     Mobile apps
  •     Commercials
  •     Documentaries


     Kinetic typography animation is further branched into a few types:

  •     Temporal Typography
  •     Dynamic Layout
  •     Scrolling Typography
  •     Fluid Typography

What are the basic principles of typography animation?

Maintaining Relativity 

Each typographic element moves in relation to others around it. This relativism is very important to maintain.

Optimizing Readability 

Legibility is the ease with which a reader can correctly consume digital text. If not maintained, the audience will fail to understand the message and the brand will fail in effectively delivering it.

Optimizing Effect Duration

The duration of the typography video should neither be too short nor too long. In either of the two situations, it will become too boring or too overwhelming. With just the right time period, it will evoke a desired response in the audience.

Managing Emotion

Well executed motion, deliberate color schemes, and transitions in compositions can stimulate a range of emotions. Hence, it is crucial to know what emotions you want your target audience to experience and make decisions accordingly.

Maintaining Linearity 

Humans tend to read in a linear fashion. Thus, it is imperative that the text appears in a linear order.

Optimizing for Accessibility 

Your use of typography and all its design elements should not take away from your message or content and rather enhance its usability and efficacy. Make sure that you do not overdo and be considerate of those with screen-readers, color sensitivity, and other impediments.

Bandwidth Constraints 

Keep in mind account bandwidth constraints, both technical bandwidth (internet) as well as personal bandwidth (attention). In case of failure to do so, your audience might just skip or close it out of irritability. Remember that attention spans are short and you need to capture

your user’s attention as soon as possible.


Why is typography animation needed?

  • It constitutes an inevitable and essential part of your design even if you do not give it enough attention. The text can just be text or it can turn into something much more interesting and interactive. The choice is yours.


  • It helps you express your brand’s personality//image. By doing so it contributes to ensuring that the message you deliver is effective and impactful.


  • It gives a professional outlook to your brand’s identity. This leaves a good impression on your clientele.

  • It forms a critical part of communication. The text becomes a comprehensive
    and creative visual message rather than just being a bunch of words.

·     It has a massive potential to powerfully influence people, their opinions, choices and decisions. If used the right way, a good package of type style, size, hierarchy, kerning, and line spacing can do wonders.


How can kinetic typography services be useful for your organization’s benefit?

  • Makes it noticeable: Visual experiences are mostly preferred over pages and pages of written content by digital media users. Furthermore, with shrinking attention spans, something that is funky and has an out-of-the-box appeal will surely hit the mark, thereby making your brand popular.


  • Makes it heart-tugging: An emotional touch to your brand’s message will only make it more likely to successfully persuade the consumer. Tear falling down or an eye winking, for example, can make them go “aww”.


  • Makes it engaging: Instead of one-sided communication, typography animation allows for greater participation from the audiences as they do not just passively consume it but also react or respond to it.


  • Makes it sticky: Visitors spend a greater amount of time on your organization or brand’s webpage which is more likely to convert them into consumers.


  • Makes it accessible: A typography animation video will be available for the audience to see whenever they are in the mood to listen or buy. It stays there on the page for as long as you want.


  •       Makes it SEO friendly: Your brand will be a step ahead of its competitor with the presence of a video in its collateral. Google considers this whilst ranking pages for its search engines.

  •       Makes it shareable: A video can easily be shared by users on other social media platforms which helps in creating a buzz and making it viral

Why choose videovity for kinetic typography services?

Videovity has a team of extremely talented individuals, state of art technology, and a wide range of animation services. We are dedicated to producing the best typography animation to meet the needs of your business in the best way possible. At videovity, we value your input, listen to your concerns and give our all to make sure that you are satisfied with the end result. To achieve that goal, we first analyze the requirements of your company/project and then figure out what would best suit it. We consider your budget and accommodate you to our best abilities. You can rest assured, that our expertise and experience will not disappoint you.

All you need to do is reach us and we will handle the rest!