Guide for Video Marketing Strategies 2021

Video marketing strategies 2021

Since the last year, online videos have been quite popular. So popular that an average person spent approximately one and a half hours of his day watching online videos. Be that as it may, it is expected that people will spend more time watching online videos by ten to twelve percent in the coming year 2021. But considering how this prognosis was made prior to the global pandemic, it won’t come as a shock if this margin is already struck. As 2021 is getting closer, we have prepared the best video marketing strategies for you to employ to boost up your business’s girth.

Before getting started, you should have a good insight as to what video marketing is, so let’s talk about this first. In short, video marketing is all about gaining more audience for your business. To achieve such development, it is imperative for you to employ strategies and creativity in your videos, and as mentioned above, our strategies for video marketing are as follows.

1.) Know your competitors.

So, you are in the game; you know how your competition performs. You are even aware of the size of their customer base. What you don’t know is how they market their products. It is crucial for your videos to stand out. Stalk them, take a deep glance at their website. Pay proper attention while watching their videos. Once you are aware of the marketing trends they are implementing, you can then come up with an even more solid idea for video branding/marketing.

2.) Analyze your audience.

As mentioned above, videos play a great role in the decision making of the consumer. Try to get in the shoes of your consumers. Think from their perspective as to what they want. Try to create something massive and then take your best shot at delivering it. Meeting your consumer’s demand is quite important. The most common thing consumers expect is self–explanatory videos. There are many studies suggesting that viewers tend to engage in short, fun DIYs than the long boring ones. Such videos are symbolically welcoming for the audience. And if you have aced in making the consumer feel that he or she is part of something big, you are good to go.

3.) Animated videos.

Animated videos are on top of the food chain regarding video marketing. These short, fun, colorful videos are best known for having a significant impact on the audience because of their unique properties. These videos are usually under 60 seconds and allow the producer to deliver their rightful message. They also lay a hand in describing a business’s multifarious ideas without letting the viewers lose interest. I am not going to lie to you; these videos are a little hard to make. So, all you have to do is google custom video animation services, and you will find various entrepreneurs delivering what you seek. Since these custom video animation service providers have a steady hand in illustration and drawing, opting for such services and spending money is comparatively better than doing it yourselves—a small price to pay for perfect video marketing.

4.) 2D and 3D animated videos.

Similar to the previous entry in this article, now comes the 2 and 3-dimensional animated videos. These animated videos have also been quite famous. Since these videos are commonly used as commercials, you can just barge into the massive audience. Not just on the internet, but on the iconic cable/TV too. These animated videos are usually found on social media, tradeshows, and various other platforms too. Animated videos tend to create a special type of bond between the two parties. And since these are the most fun and adorable, why wouldn’t it?

5.) Promote your content across all platforms.

YouTube has dominated the online video platform for years and is still currently going strong. With other platforms like Vimeo and Dailymotion slowly deteriorating, it is safe to say that YouTube is officially the king. But unfortunately, the sad news for google is that they now have to compete with the social media giant Facebook. As Facebook is genuinely invested in developing its video services, their video library is going to be worth a lot more than it is today. Regardless of the platform, robust video distribution should be your way to success. There are around 81 million videos on YouTube, which means that if you post a video on YouTube without any proper distribution means, you will have to compete with 81 million other videos to reach a substantial amount of audience. Without properly channeling the videos throughout the dynamic, it is futile to hope for a giant audience. You will only face disappointment because your videos will be stuck with single-digit views. This is when the big dog comes in, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

6.) Sear Engine Optimization (SEO).

If you have realized the full significance of video distribution, search engine optimization is the next step. Video SEO is no different than blogpost SEO. Embedding your website with quality videos can significantly boost traffic. Search engine optimization basically is just a content race to the top of the search engine’s algorithm. Start to email your videos. A study suggests that if an email has the word “Video” in the subject heading, its chances of being opened are increased by 19%, which in my opinion is a lot. You can also optimize the video itself by adding suitable keywords in the title. That being said, thumbnails also play a huge role in SEO encouragement. A good thumbnail is crucial for gaining more audience because it’s the second thing that attracts people to hit play.

Concluding Thoughts

All things considered, it is safe to say that video marketing is not to be taken lightly when talking about brand promotion. Especially in this decade, videos are mandatory. Ignoring them would be just silly. Videos help in gaining visibility; your voice will reach out to a ton more people just because of video marketing. In addition to that, video marketing is the best to distinguish your brand from other companies considering how reluctantly crowded the social marketplace is. Hopefully, these insights would help you achieve your respected goals. Since this dreadful year is almost over, you can implement these insights in 2021.

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