Simple Steps To Make A Good Animated Video

Simple steps to make a good animated video

When talking about animations, the first thing that occurs in our minds is a cartoon. Kids may like cartoons, but that does not mean that the cartoon’s attraction abilities are only limited to kids. People, it does not matter how old or young they are, like cartoons. There’s something about animation that attracts all age groups. This tool has been strategically used by marketeers to their advantage and gained substantial viewership. To assist you with animation basics,  we have created a list of simple steps to make a good animated video. You can use it to create short videos to boost up your business or social activity. Or, you can work hard and create your own animated series. Who knows? Maybe it can surpass Rick and Morty someday.

Step 1: Use a strong animation tool.

If your target is to create an impactful and intimate animated video, you will require a strong set of skills and a strong platform to work on. There are many custom video animation services available on the internet. You won’t even have to download an application. All you will need is a strong internet connection and a stable web browser. To mention a few services, Moovly and Animaker are quite popular these days.

Step 2: Create a storyboard.

To create a good storyboard is mandatory when making an animated video. If you are a beginner, it is crucial to have a good storyboard as it would greatly help in gauging whether your concept for the video is suitable or not. Plus, it will help your partners to predict how your final outcome would look like. In the early days, storyboarding was a little hard considering not everyone had a good hand in sketching, so the outcome usually was a bit messy. But thanks to the power of .com, storyboarding has been made easier than ever. Storyboard is more like a comic book of your animated video. If you have ever wondered why comic books came first and movies later, this is your answer. The custom video animation services mentioned above also provide online storyboarding tools, so why wait?

Step 3: Animation style.

Various animation video styles are available in the market, but not all types would suit your video. Choosing a good video style is imperative because your entire video layout depends on it. The most common videos are 2D and 3D animated videos. People are more familiar with 2D videos since they are more commonly used and easy to make. But what catches the eye is 3D animation. 3D animation is basically a more in-depth version of 2D animations. It is more attractive is satisfying to watch. A few more types are typography animation, whiteboard animation, infographic animation, and handcraft animation.

Step 4: Synchronization and animation.

So, you have laid out everything, animation style, storyboarding, etcetera. Now comes the main part, synchronizing everything and start working on your animation. Think of it this way, you are a god, and it is entirely up to you to decide when something appears or disappears. This will eventually lead to getting everything in sync, and if you have a steady hand with illustration, you are golden.

Step 5: Voiceovers and background music.

A soundtrack that rightfully compliments your animated video really helps with keeping the ‘interest’ game strong. You have to analyze your video; is it sad, upbeat, motivating, or informative, so adding suitable background music is really necessary. Furthermore, as long as your intention is to use this video for offline purposes like school assignments and stuff, you are good. But if you are planning on posting this video on the internet, copyright is something you should be concerned about. Finding copyright free music is not that hard, considering that there are many services providing copyright free music for almost zero bucks. From classical jazz to hip-hop to heavy metal, everything is available.

Step 6: Publish your art.

You have invested your precious time and effort in this animation, and now that you are done, it is time to show the world how creative you are. Post it online, share it with your friends. If you are able to reach a certain threshold, you can then earn some money off of it by turning on add-sense and monetizing your video. Enjoy the fame and applause; you have truly earned it!

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