2D Animation Services

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The use of 2D animation videos have become an increasingly common trend due to their versatility, extended reach and cost effectiveness. Be it 2D explainer videos, 2D cartoon animations or corporate 2D animations, organizations are taking full advantage of this attention-grabbing and engaging communication tool for advertising purposes. So, mostly company buy 2D animation services to increase brand awareness and make profits double or 10x!

What is a 2D animation video?

A 2D animation video is characterized by being composed of objects, characters and backgrounds that are created in a two dimensional space. This means that they only have a width and a height. Animation is the art of bringing these still compositions to life. This is achieved by giving them an illusion of movement by carefully sequencing and projecting individual designs collectively over a calculated period of time.

How is 2D Animation Video Different From 3D Animation?

This is one of the most frequently asked question by clients who seek 2D animation services, and understandably so. The main difference between the two is that, in 2D animation videos every composition in the frame is hand drawn by the animator. In 3D animation, however, various animation tools are employed to make and mold them. A 2D animation company basically employs different VFX, characters, objects and backgrounds to develop 2D animation.

Why Rely On 2D Animation Services?

The best part about choosing animation is that it gives the creator unlimited control over the composition of the message. The video, audio and movement are all at the creator’s behest. This means that the message can be delivered in exactly the way you would want with respect to the color scheme, script, voice over etc. It is a fascinating, rich and intriguing manner to
reach your target audience.

How does it 2D animation work?

The primary process of making a 2D animation video involves four phases; Storyboard, Audio, Animatic and Layout.


Based on the idea or the concept behind the animation, a script is developed and written. Following the storyboard, a visual representation is thought out in form of rough sketches. The script and then sketches are then put together in a synchronized manner to fit the planned duration of each scene. The final version has a number of drawings, each explained by a supporting dialogue attached to it.


The audio components can consist of a voice over, spoken dialogues and/or music. The voice over artists for each character rehearse the script and record each line. This includes the words spoken as well the expressions, such as sighs or cries. An animatic is then produced which times the voice acting and the storyboard drawings accordingly to form a rough version of the scenes to give an idea to the animator.

Visual Development

This part deals with the design and development of each character in the story. The details and specification are planned out by the animators through a model sheet. Each character is drawn in different proportions, proses, angels and variations considering the different scenes. By the end, a final character design is ready for the animation video.


The background artists then decide on the specific camera angles, shots, lighting and shading needed for each scene. Simultaneously, the character artists work on the poses and positions required from each character in every scene which is then converted into a drawing. The drawings are then matched with the storyboard and the audio to create a second animatic.


After double checking everything for errors, each character drawing is traced onto the cell. Colors are added to each frame as per the theme and the colored cell is placed onto the background to be photographed into a film reel.

Advances in technology has engineered the development of complex software with a wider range of options to play with. In addition to having a firm grasp of them, there are a number of skills needed to become an expert in animation, such as

  • Animating Scenes
  • Character Designing
  • Sketching Designing
  • 2D Object Designing
  • Storyboard Development
  • Special Effects Creation


How can 2D animation Services benefit your organization?

There is no doubt about the efficacy and efficiency of advertising in conveying a media message. Animation, if used smartly, can make the job easier and simpler. Firstly, it gives you a greater control over the type of content you want and the manner you want it to be delivered in. Secondly, it conveys your message to your target audience in a way they would understand. It combines together the visual and the audio into one straightforward yet appealing message. Thirdly, it is one of the most cost-effective method of advertising. So if you do not have a huge budget to allocate to advertising or marketing, animation is a n affordable option for you. Fourthly, it makes your website and your brand, at a larger scale, appear as more interactive with the users. It adds a dynamic element to your brand image. And lastly, all these factors lead to a more extensive reach and thus greater profits.

Why choose Videovity for 2D Animation Services?

If you have hit the mark at every level, but you make a wrong decision at the time of hiring a 2D animation company, chances are your efforts will go to waste. As easy as the use of animation video sounds, the processes that go behind making an animation video are much more complicated and demanding. Therefore, it is an absolute must that you find a 2D animation company that has the expertise as well as the experience.

Videovity is that company for you. Besides having a properly equipped 2D animation studio, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced animators who are dedicated to producing the best 2D animation videos. At videovity, we value your input, listen to your concerns and give our all to make sure that you are satisfied with the end product.

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